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How to Make Minimalist Flower Arrangements

In the minimalist flower arrangements, simplicity, delicacy and elegance prevail, making them a perfect decorative element for any room. Within the varied decorative options that can be found, we have the minimalist flower arrangements. If you have leaned for this style in your home, you should know that a few simple ornaments will help you to make each space look

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The Field Horsetail Relieves Bladder Infections

The herb of the field horsetail is slightly diuretic. It helps with bacterial and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract as well as poorly healing wounds. Field horsetail: application and healing effect According to the Commission E of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) former Federal Health Office (BGA), the herb of the field horsetail slightly diuretic

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10 Benefits of Carrots and Their Contraindications

The carrot or ” Dacus carota “, is a vegetable native to Europe and Southeast Asia and is one of the most consumed and important in the world . Carrots usually have an elongated cone shape, orange in color and with green leaves on their stem. When they are fresh these roots have a crunchy texture. Benefits of the carrot Carrots are a great source

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